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Yorkwatt® is dedicated to be the world leader of distributed Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (PV-ESS) solution provider with renewable clean energy for the countries and areas where electricity is expensive or lack of power. Happy Power is the main solution of Yorkwatt® which is widely used for residential, industrial and commercial units and exported to Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, etc.



Residential All-in-One ESS Box


Residential Modular ESS Box

Utility ESS


Non-Walk-In ESS Container

Residential Hybrid Inverter


SPP Series PV Module

166HC Mono


JKM Series PV Module

Tiger Neo 72HC



In order to ensure quality and safety of Happy Power, Yorkwatt® use the A level lithium iron phosphate batteries (LPF) of CATL, the world's largest battery manufacturer and the main battery supplier for Tesla's electric vehicles.


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13 Jul 2022
Renewable Power Remains Cost-Competitive Amid Fossil Fuel CrisisTweet
New IRENA report shows almost two-thirds of renewable power added in 2021 had lower costs than the cheapest coal-fired options in G20 countries.Abu Dhabi, UAE, 13 July 2022 – Costs for renewables continued to fall...
13 Jul 2021
Top 5 Countries with the Largest Installed Solar Power Capacity
Solar power is a critical technology for many countries seeking to reduce emissions from their energy sectors, and installed global capacity is poised for record growth over the coming years...
13 May 2022
EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2021-2025
SolarPower Europe's annual EU Market Outlookhelps policy stakeholders indeliveringsolar PV's immense potential to meet the EU's 2030 renewable energytargets. Produced with the support of our members and national solar association...
13 May 2022
EU Solar Strategy Explained - A new dawn for European Solar
On 18 May 2022, the European Commission published the REPowerEU package setting out the roadmap for ending reliance on imported Russian fossil fuels. The package of announcements included a first-of-its-kind EU Solar...